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  • fixed a minor error when compiling without WITH_PGSQL.
  • headers inclusion made more clear.
  • fixed Linux building with all the available stuff.
  • gethostbyname() and gethostbyaddr() changed to getaddrinfo() and getnameinfo().
  • some attempts made to fight memory leaks. seems like this was desperate.
  • ipv6 support slightly improved.
  • new Makefiles added, for linux and FreeBSD.
  • some building errors corrected.
  • error in compiling without any additional options resolved.
  • some more mistakes fixed.
  • fixed some stupid errors on connect.
  • fixed errors in whitelist preocessing and in whitelist displaying.
  • fixed errors in whitelist preocessing and in whitelist displaying.
  • fixed some minor errors in ipv6 address test debug code.
  • added some debug on ipv6 test function.
  • removed erroneous piece of code I forgot to remove earlier.
  • 90% of the work on ipv6
  • added 'whitelisted networks' ipv6 support.
  • fixed some stupid but not fatal memory allocation errors, not leading to leaks.
  • fixed some stupid errors in list processing.
  • no full ipv6 support yet.
  • work for adding ipv6 support started.
  • added SPF servers pool.
  • fixed bug with cache when it was never extended.
  • added new fuctionality: a possibility to skip SPF tests on domains, where permitted relay network masks are shorter than those permitted in milter-callback configuration file, to prevent mail passing from spammers, which do have an SPF record with very long ranges.
  • added new configuration parameter, 'minimum spf length', defaulted to 16, to vary allowed mask length.
  • fixed empty envelope-from for whitelisted hosts.
  • added new header, X-Callback-Envelope-From, to display e-mail address forgery.
  • fixed bug with cache when string elements weren't properly initialized.
  • fixed same bug with pit cache.
  • fixed bug with pit cache when element weren't initialized at all.
  • getCache() received a logLevel argument - which logLevel to log with.
  • fixed a bug when whitelisted host were searched in the pit.
  • added new files, sigusr1.c and sigusr1.h, to handle SIGUSR1 and to display a cache/pit.
  • messages with null envelope-from separated from messages whose relay IPs are in the pit at the moment of receiving.
  • fixed missing unpitting on socket errors.
  • fixed a bug when first PostgreSQL connection were never freed by getUpdates().
  • manual updated.
  • fixed WITH_PGSQL building without WITH_SPF.
  • fixed minor grammatic errors in log messages.
  • removed unneeded debug messages.
  • added cache to hold currently callbacked servers, called pit.
  • added new files, cpit.c, cpit.h to fix the old bug with 2 milter-callback on different hosts which crashes each milter.
  • fixed some minor cosmetic logging in cache.c.
  • logic in cache handling made more clear.
  • fixed excessive logging.
  • finally milter-callback recognises spaces/tabs in its configuration file.
  • added cache lock holder flag, to fix the problem with caching.
  • added flag for skipping malicious cache lock cleaning.
  • fixed interthread logging.
  • removed excessive log buffering.
  • added thread counter in logging, thread id 0 means main() or threadCounter isn't known.
  • added HELO reporting.
  • added null HELO reporting and additional SPF crash debugging.
  • added SPF support through libspf2.
  • added a workaround to help further resolving of libspf2 crash inside HELO checking.
  • added some code to determine where libspf2 does receive a null HELO which makes it to crash.
  • cache.c and cache.h, occasionally missed from the distribution tarball, were added.
  • cache is implemented.
  • default TTL is 21600.
  • default cache length is 500.
  • fixed one error in debug (not daemon) mode handling, related to pgsql.
  • added missing GPL license stuff.
  • code is splitted into several modules.
  • during the split minor error fixed (not known to lead to any bugs, but anyway).
  • fixed out-of-bounds crash around line 893 in milter-callback.c.
  • added some logging.
  • fixed 2 bugs in logging priority, which caused log records to be logged with wrong priority, it's just a cosmetic change.
  • added some changed is handling whitelist - to allow the envelope-from address to be logged to database.
  • added postgresql connection pooling, default pool length is 5.
  • added web-interface.
  • 1.3.22 version, is the final production version with SQL support.
  • added SQL logging to PostgreSQL of all processed emails.
  • one DB-connect is used per MTA session.
  • corrected many of DB-handling implementaion errors.
  • at this time there is no web-interface available.
  • version 1.3.20, last version before the database connection closing was revamped, for it to occur only when mcfi_close() callback is working.
  • last non-thread-safe version.
  • added SQL functionality: whitelists handling, and history logging with action taken.
  • still no web-interface.
  • fixed some logging cosmetic errors.
  • added an SMTP reply code to indicate null-envfrom dropping reason.
  • support for callbacks, using null-envelope-from is added.
  • added reply url configuration file option, to supply an URL describing possible rejection/tempfailing reasons.
  • buffer length for SMTP answer fixed, version unchanged.
  • added RFC 821 multiline replies compatibility.
  • fixed error with hardcoded HELO , hostname now is hostpart of the milter e-mail address.
  • added address test mode.
  • added some more explicit log messages and header messages.
  • fixed some grammar in logging.
  • some rendundant string to IP and reverse conversions removed.
  • added the possibility of using "whitelisted networks" more than one time in config.
  • configuration file sample changed.
  • fixed an error with syslog() when format symbols encountered in message.
  • fixed non-handled milter -email from configuration file.
  • fixed one unhandled memory allocation error.
  • fixed some errors in free() inside checkServerResponse().
  • fixed some memory leaks and some free() errors leading to crashes.
  • fixed some memory leaks.
  • minor errors in rejecting message fixed.
  • changed to GPLv3 license.
  • added missing reply codes.
  • man page changed to reflect changes.
  • fixed bugs in CidrMask handling, added possibility to use addresses without mask.
  • added pidfile.
  • added debug mode.
  • man page changed to reflect improvements.
  • improved logging.
  • added graceful DNS mode.
  • improved logging.
  • added config file opening handling.
  • improved logging levels.
  • changed some logging message in order to clarify taken actions.
  • added relaying of mail coming from any MX of the given domain.
  • added improved logging.
  • added SMTP codes in replies.
  • added reverse relaying skipping, based on the address of the relay and MX list.
  • added RCPT TO answer code parsing.
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